God in the Mundane (Revisited)

God in the Mundane (Revisited)


(Note: This was originally written on 3/7/2013. In revamping my website and blog, there are a few writings from previous blogs that I feel are as strong today as they were when they were originally written. Those lucky few posts will be edited and updated to be included in writings here. This is the first...)

I love it when God reaches down into my life and slaps me on the back of the head with a nugget, a tiny little insight into the relationship He wants to have with us. Here’s my latest example of that...

It was the end of a long work day and I dragged myself from the office to the daycare to the house in a mentally drained stupor. At home, my best friend (my beautiful wife) was preparing dinner so I had a few minutes of downtime to change and relax a little bit before leaving for a meeting at church. I changed clothes and went to spend what little downtime I had with my little princess, Kylie.

I’ll admit, my heart wasn’t really in it but I have so little downtime these days that I try to spend as much of it possible with the two gifts God’s given me, my wife and our beautiful little girl. I sat on a stool in Kylie’s war zone of a bedroom...Seriously, I couldn’t even see the floor to sit down and play with her if I’d wanted to...The knick-knacks were strewn everywhere...Baby dolls laid on top of little mountains of smaller baby dolls that rested precariously on assorted puzzles, sticker books, stickers without books, crayons, hair fixin’ paraphernalia and other randomocity...It was overwhelming and I wasn’t even trying to clean it!

Anyway, as I sat there and talked with Kylie she did something that completely bypassed my skin, muscular structure, ribcage, and other whatnots in my chest and gripped my heart in her little hand...

Her: “I’ll clean a spot so you can come down here with me, Daddy!”

Me: “It’s okay, Kylie. I’ll just sit here and talk to you...What are you playing with?”

Her: “I’ll clean off a spot...come down here!” (She can be a little bossy...)

She got up from the edge of her bed and proceeded to spend nearly five minutes moving baby dolls, her toy guitar, stuffed animals, books (I found out that you’re not supposed to throw the princess one...as she placed it gently on the bookshelf...), and polished it off by getting down on her hands and knees and scooping up what was left and tossing it behind her like a little snow blower with pigtails. Once she cleared a spot hardly big enough for herself she looked up with a satisfied grin on her face and said,

“See! There’s room for you to come down here!”

It hit me. The emotions broke through their floodgates and I had to fight back tears. The love I felt from my little girl was completely overwhelming.

In that moment God whispered to me...”I’d like it if you did that for me.”

The Bible shows us that child-like faith and response is required and desired...I picture God leaning over the edge of heaven waiting to spend time with us...watching us, enjoying our little idiosyncrasies, even getting a little bit of a kick out of how easily we get frustrated and impatient.

What would happen if we would hit our knees and frantically, impatiently scoop the mess that litters our hearts and lives out of the way? We don’t even have to “put it away” or take it to the trash...He’ll do that for us if we truly desire to change! He’ll help us clean our room...I can just picture Him leaping out of heaven with a big ol’ grin on His face, swooping into our lives, landing next to us on our knees and saying,

“You’re right! There is room, huh? Thanks for making some space for me...I’ve missed you today...”

The only response I have to this is...WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR!?!?

You’ll have to pardon me...I’m gonna go shove all my junk to the back of my mind for a while...Maybe I can get him to help me take it out to the trash later...

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