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I’m not really sure the point of publishing this, pushing the record button, or sitting down at the keyboard again. I mean, who really cares?

I’ve heard these thoughts echoed countless times across hundreds and thousands of conversations I’ve had with creatives from around the world. And, honestly, I get it. When we’re in the midst of the daily grind of life, our story seems so much more than ordinary it’s depressing. I’ve been there! The monotonous routines of wake, work, crash in exhaustion, sleep, only to rinse and repeat. What’s so fascinating about that?

"Don’t call us. We’ll call you."

The most painful of cliches, this phrase encapsulates what might be one of the most debilitating fears humanity has to overcome, the fear of rejection.

In developed countries, (for the most part) we don’t have to stress about our safety, shelter, or where our next meal is coming from. We are able to move up the hierarchy of fears a bit and start running against things that keep us from reaching our potential rather than the things that might keep us from breathing our next breath.