michael e. henson
michael e. henson
creative mastermind // speaker // writer



Sharing stories that capture the attention and imagination...

Our society is built upon stories and if you aren't telling your story masterfully, it's lost in the noise. I work with executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, musicians, and personal brands to uncover the powerful stories that make you unique. From discovering how to tell your story powerfully, to putting together the media (whether thats as simple as a headshot or as complex as a media campaign) that makes it happen, I am your on-call creative mastermind.

If you're ahead of the game and recognize the insane power that incredible content provides your brand but don't have the time or desire to dig into the tools and specific skills required for content creation, let me know! I work with brands to create a month's worth of "content in a day." This minimizes the time you spend on it, but provides you with high quality content that will drive engagement and awareness of your brand!

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