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michael e. henson
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It’s time - there’s something deep inside telling you to move to the next level in your business or personal branding.

You’ve established a business presence or want to be sure to get started on the right foot. It’s important to you to that your marketing and communications be not only effective, but powerfully authentic and unique to you and your brand.

Searching for help in this results in disappointment or a “one size fits all” approach that lacks authenticity and just doesn’t connect with what you want to create. You know that you have a story to tell and know that there’s a customer base out there, but don’t know where to begin or you feel stuck going through the motions without being sure your content strategies are impactful.

You would love to find someone, a guide - the Yoda to your Skywalker, that is able to cut through the fluff, the confusion, and truly understand who you are, truly understand your brand, and your goals. Someone that shares your commitment to authenticity, that dislikes the fake, polished smoke and mirrors of the stereotypical marketing game, and is ready to help you connect with the core of your story and share it in the most effective way possible.

There are two ways I work with individual clients:

Strategy Sessions

These are single sessions that are great for those facing 1-3 questions/decisions in their marketing/communications strategy. Stuff lik, how to get started in content marketing, basic strategy questions or tweaks, how to tell your story effectively, how to uncover your story, etc. The possibilities are endless.

The cost is $300 and includes the discovery process (accomplished via email), a 90 minute session, 3-7 specific action recommendations, a recording of our session, and email support for a minimum of 2 weeks following the session.

Ongoing Individual Coaching

Ongoing individual occurs twice monthly where we work on things like:

1. Uncovering your business story. This is the foundation and is vitally important. Together, we’ll develop a world class story for your business and put together marketing strategies that help you tell this story.

2. Leveling up your web presence. We’ll take a look at your website, social network profiles, YouTube channel, and other platforms you use to ensure that they are in alignment with your story. Consistency and creativity is key, and we will ensure that you are rocking it on both fronts!

3. Leveling up your branding. No matter what you are looking to accomplish, you MUST have a strong brand. There are no shortcuts, no magic bullets or secret pills. There are steps that you have to take and skills that have to be developed. We help identify what approach makes sense based on your time commitments and goals, and develop a strategy that works.

4. Leveling up your content marketing. This goes hand in hand with branding, but we will dive into much more detail and actually begin to work through practical steps to create the content necessary to make you a thought leader in your industry and begin (or continue!) building your influence.

5. Leveling up your mental game. So much of what holds us back is mental. We will work through your mindset and look to create something bulletproof that keeps you focused and consistently moving to your goals without the distractions and setbacks so frequently associated with mental struggles.

In this monthly coaching package, we meet twice a month for 90 minutes. Also included are a recording for each session, 3-7 recommended action steps and email support between session.  The fee is $500 per month.

If this resonates with you, we might be a fit for individual coaching. To explore this possibility further, fill out the form below and we’ll set up a free chat.

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Looking for something with the synergy of a group dynamic at a bit lower price point?

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