michael e. henson
michael e. henson
creative mastermind // speaker // writer

Here's what I'm up to right now...

  • I have created a free eBook for creatives, The Creative Journey, that is available here.
  • I am a Top Writer on Creativity, Art, Entreprenuership, and Writing on Medium.com. 
  • I am writing for three Medium publications: The Mission, The Startup, and The Writing Cooperative. You should totally check them out!
  • I am doing research and working on a rough draft for my first nonfiction book. My goal is to have it completed by Fall of 2018.
  • Doing a lot of rehab work on our (my wife and my) new home purchase. Have I mentioned I'm not a handyman? So that's fun...
  • Trying to stay focused on continuing to write, build my photography business, and effectively balance my priorities - work, freelance writing & photo, family, faith, helping creatives grow, and giving back.