Cats Don't Tell Stories

Do you realize that cats don’t tell each other stories?

Do you also realize that I thought for approximately 30 seconds about what animal to put into the previous sentence? (I went with cats because they’re super popular on the YouTubes and I figured I’d ride their furry tails to fame and fortune…)

I was able to spend such a ridiculous amount of time on that sentence because no other animal in the WORLD tells stories - so it was quite the list to run through.

The implications of this are huge. No other species on the planet tells stories. Humans have an incredibly distinctive trait that you have the incredibly powerful opportunity to utilize.

See, stories literally impact the physiology of those that hear them. Hormones are released that completely change our receptiveness to ideas, change our ability to remain attentive, and our capacity to remember and recall information we’ve heard.

The number one mistake of marketers, brands, and individuals is their inability or unwillingness to tap into the enormous potential of story in their work.

I’ll take a much deeper dive into the power of stories to radically impact our physiological makeup down the road, but I wanted to take just a quick moment today to talk to you about the power of story and remind you of the fact that you have a story worth telling.

In fact, I believe this so much that my mission, my purpose in life is wrapped up in the following statement.

I believe every single person on the face of the planet has an incredible story to tell, and I want to help every single person I can reach to uncover and share their story with the world.

If there’s something I can do to help you, I’m in your corner. Let me know, shoot me a message, drop a comment, connect with me on social, and let’s change the world together - one story at a time!