Episode 6 - Interview with Kristin Galluci, Marketer, Agency Director, Childhood Entrepreneur

Episode 6 - Interview with Kristin Galluci, Marketer, Agency Director, Childhood Entrepreneur
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She's been a marketer her entire life. She's been crazy successful at it too! She ran the largest woman owned agency in the marketing capitol of the world, has worked as a marketing executive for Fortune 50-500 companies, and she loves sharing her knowledge and expertise with the world. 

It was a treat to get to chat with Kristin for a while, vicariously live through a Florida thunderstorm, and just chat about life and creativity. I had a great time, learned a lot, and I'm confident that you will too!

Show Notes & Timestamps

[02.30] Intro

[3.48] A little bit about Kristin's story

[6.13] A beginning in PR

[7.55] Her leap of faith

[8.50] Taking over the agency

[10.26] Primary motivators during Kristin's transition to agency director

[12.55] Creative for life!

[15.45] A marketing genius from early on

[17.12] Kristin's biggest struggles and how she overcame them

[20.15] How do you foster creativity today?

[23.00] The Creative Curve - go buy it! It'll change your thoughts on creativity...

[24.18] Creativity is about embracing and appreciating moments

[26.08] The most powerful piece of advice Kristin has ever received

[27.20] It's not all business, personal life is important too!

[30.00] Kristin's most important piece of advice

[31.20] Where can you find Kristin?

[32.05] Outro, news, and recap

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