Episode 2 - Interview with Ashley Eakin, Filmmaker & Creative
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It was a powerful four and a half minutes. The message and delivery resonated so deeply I knew that I had to connect with Ashley and hear more about her story. Before you read any further, check this out:

That moment social media sets you free... Featuring Ashley Eakin @asheakin

Incredibly powerful and an incredibly familiar tone for most anyone that is a creative. Fear of vulnerability and "putting yourself out there" is very real and very constrictive. 

In today's podcast episode, Ashley and I talk about her story, her creative journey, the poetry found in random everyday moments, and hear first hand the power of a life lived beyond the fear of vulnerability.

Show Notes & Timestamps

[01:54] Intro

[03:30] Ashley's story and background

[04:58] Man, but what about those fears, struggles, and stuff? 

[06:00] Ashley talks about the best advice she's ever received (hint: it's about overcoming fear)

[07:50] Question: What do you wish people would ask you?

[10:20] Current plans & goals

[13:20] How important is self-acceptance?

[14:22] Your greatest vulnerability becomes your greatest strength

[17:40] Finding the random inspiration in daily life

[20:00] Daydreaming/detaching from reality is a good thing

[21:21] Create your own path

[22:00] Ashley talks about one crazy thing she does...

[24:10] Where to find Ashley's current work

[25:40] You MUST create!

[27:17] Universal creative traits & networking 101

You can find Ashley here:




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