Episode 3 - Interview with Curt Mercadante, Speaker, Strengths Coach & Superhero
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Today we have the distinct pleasure of chatting with Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and Freedom League founder, Curt Mercadante. I've had the opportunity to interact and learn from Curt for a while now and truly appreciate his approach to life, creativity, and coaching. 

As you will hear, he's very passionate about helping others find their life's purpose, overcoming fear (because he's done it himself!), and learning to live a life of freedom and fulfillment. He does this through content creation, the Freedom League (an online coaching group), and through individual strengths coaching.

He hasn't always done this though! As we will hear today, he left behind a very successful, very lucrative marketing career to pursue his life's purpose. He wasn't without fear or concerns when he did it either. He was just like you and me. Convinced that he was created for something greater than "the grind." The difference between Curt and most is that he was determined to face down the fears and all the reasons he "shouldn't do it" and pursue that purpose. 

Fortunately, for us and for so many others that Curt has impacted, he did and we get the opportunity to learn a bit from him about life, creativity, and the pursuit of purpose!

Show Notes & Timestamps

[02:00] Intro

[03:43] Curt's story and background

[06:53] What started the change from agency owner to Freedom chaser?

[07:45] A three year exit plan? Nah, let's make it four weeks!

[09:26] You should be living an outcomes focused life!

[10:40] How do you determine your life's purpose?

[11:43] Sometimes, purpose evolves as you gain clarity

[12:40] Learn to embrace your inner quirkiness!

[14:00] You have to start with your strengths 

[14:40] Curt talks about what it looked like to overcome his fear

[16:07] Are you really safe in your current job? I mean, really?

[17:13] There are two types of fear the kind that drives you and the kind that beats you down

[19:45] We discuss how much control over our lives we really have

[20:15] The impact of creativity on Curt's journey

[22:35] Creativity is different for every individual

[24:55] Curt answers, "If you could pass on one piece of advice you know will be followed..."

[27:15] Finding your tribe

[28:53] The power of speaking from the heart

[30:24] Vulnerability is necessary, but it has to be authentic

[31:30] Curt's approach to trolls - in a nutshell, GET 'EM!

[32:00] The cultural paradox of "participation prizes" and a competitive "likes" culture.

[33:59] Societal issues result from good intentions gone wrong

[35:40] Your purpose makes you bulletproof

[37:00] Adversity is part of life

[38:55] One question you wish people would ask you

[39:15] If you're a Cubs fan, don't listen to this part!

[40:55] Where you can find Curt

[42:00] Curt is an Unashamed Creative fan!

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